(all cluster stitches are worked in the same stitch unless specified as in row 12)

Chain 80
Join, chain 3
Row 1-double crochet in each around.  Join w/slp stch.   Chain 3
           Row 2 thru 6  alternate front post double crochet/back post double crochet
                                  continue around.   (starting with back post double crochet)
change hook to K hook before completing join on row 6.  chain 3

Row 7  -  Cluster stitch in every other stitch (5 in each cluster)  chain 1 to lock cluster.
   Continue around to complete row.
(in last stitch of row use the chain 3 at start of row as part of last cluster.  Do this by  
                        doing total of 4 then join top of chain 3 w/slip stitch than pull through all of cluster)

Change color to contrasting color then chain 1,
Row 8- chain 3,   1 cluster stitch (3 in ea. Cluster)  in chain space, chain 1.   Continue around
                 (in last cluster incorporate chain 3 into the cluster as in previous row)

Change color to Main your main color.
Chain 3
Row 9-  cluster stitch (4 double in each) in top of row 7 cluster working over the chain of row 8.
chain 1 to lock cluster, chain 1.  (skip row 8 cluster and only work these in top of row 7
cluster.)  join with slip stitch, chain 3.

Row 10- Double crochet around.   (1 double will be in top of cluster of row 8 and 2 in row 9)
  Join w/slp stch, chain 3
Row 11- Double crochet in each.  Double decrease in every 4th .   repeat around  
  (double in any remaining stitches at end of row)

Before joining change color to contrasting color

Chain 3

Row 12- cluster stitch (4 doubles joined -1 dbl in ea. nxt 4 chains, join all together) chain 1 to
  lock cluster, chain 2, skip 2  repeat around.

           Change to Main color before completing join,  
Chain 2
Row 13- single crochet in 1st 2two stitches above cluster row 12.  1 cluster in same stitch
  (3 in cluster) in top of 1st cluster of row 11, no locking. 
  Repeat in next cluster of row 11.    Continue sequence around.  Join w/slip stitch
Chain 3
Row 14- 1 double crochet in each single,  1 cluster (in same stitch 3 in each no locking) in
  previous row cluster  (basically we are repeating row 13  but doing double crochet
  instead of single crochets)  1 double crochet in same chain as chain 3, join w/slp stch

Chain 1

Row 15-  1 single crochet in each double crochet,  1 cluster (3 in cluster same stitch)
(again we are repeating row 13)   
Change color (contrasting color) and join row.

Row 16-  chain 3,  create a cluster in 1st single (5 in cluster all in same stitch) chain 1 to lock,
   chain 4,  skip over to next set of single crochets.  Repeat around
                                  (repeat only in that 1st single after ea cluster)  end of row do one cluster, chain 1
                           to lock chain 3.
          Do partial join—Change to main color ,  complete join, chain 4

Row 17- 1 cluster (3 in ea cluster) above each of row 15 clusters working over chains of row 16
chain 1 to lock (2nd cluster only, do not lock 1st cluster) , chain 3.   Repeat around.
   In last cluster put (5) in cluster to lengthen the space, 1 to lock,  chain 1,  join through
pulling the chain 3 into the cluster. 

Chain 4

Row 18- Repeat row 17.   end of row join pulling over chain 3 pulling cluster together,
                                        Change color to contrasting color,  lock the cluster
Row 19- create cluster (3 in same stitch)  in top of cluster of row 16 working over chains of
  of previous rows.  Work 2 of these do not lock clusters.  Single crochet in each on
  to of cluster on row 18 , chain 1 after 2nd single.
                         (working the singles in 1st space of cluster and the 2nd in space between the 2 clstrs)
                   Repeat around.    1 single in the top of the 5 cluster at end of row, join w/slp stch
       Chain 3
Row 20- Double crochet in each around ,  join w/slp stitch, chain 3
Row 21- Double in each doing double decrease on the 5th double,  double in any remaining
                          join w/slp stch, chain 3
Row 22- Repeat row 20
Row 23-  Double crochet in each decrease on the 4th double,  repeat around, join w/slp, chain 3
Row 24- Double in ea.  ,  double decrease in every other.   Join w/slp stch

Cut long tail and pull through to finish
Turn work inside out.   Weave long tail in and out of each stitch of chain spaces of row 24,
pull all together when your at the end of the row.   Tie off and weave in all the ends.